Bethel Fit Mum Woman Crush Wednesday Series – Kasa A

Welcome to this weeks edition of The Bethel Fit Mum Woman Crush Wednesday Series. In this series, I am celebrating #fitmums who are motivating and inspiring many with their dedication to and love of fitness. Today’s special guest Kasa Ananti, female entrepreneur extraordinaire and mum, shares about her journey through different pregnancies, and the valuable lessons that she learned along the way.

1) Brief bio about yourself. Your name, what you do etc.

My name is Kasa Ananti and I started afrikoPOP as a fun way to burn fat, lose weight and condition your body. I am a wellbeing enthusiast, health coach personal trainer, wellness consultant that has worked with Shell, Samsung and Texas Instruments. After the death of her infant son in 2016, Kasa was determined to help people feel good and do something good for their bodies and founded the company January 2017. She is passionate about health and wellness and helping people reach their goals.

2) How and when did you get into fitness?

I’ve been into fitness since I can remember. I love exercise and movement from a kid until now a 35 year old woman.  It gives me such a rush and I feel empowered.

3) What is your favorite type of exercise?

afrikoPOP, running, and strength training

4) How did pregnancy change/affect your fitness regime in each trimester (if it did)

With this pregnancy during the first trimester I was on physical activity restrictions and I re-injured my knee so I was out until week 14. My second trimester I had my energy back but I adjusted my afrikoPOP routine so that I wasn’t jumping and kicking like previous routines but still an intense workout.  I hardly run or strength train right now, just afrikoPOP.

5) In what ways did/has being physically active helped you through your pregnancy?

Absolutely! My energy levels are so great right now, especially since I was active before I became pregnant.  Right now being in my third trimester my energy can be up one moment and then I just get so tired.  I still will afrikoPOP until this baby drops. I just get as much rest as I can and do the events and programs I can do.

6) What fitness advice would you give to someone who is pregnant or planning to get pregnant?

I give the same advice to both parties. Start now, even 10 minutes of dancing in the house does the body good. Do what you enjoy and try something new a prenatal yoga class, water aerobics, at the simplest level, walk for 10 minutes. Something is better than nothing.