Bethel Fit Mum Woman Crush Wednesday Series – Oluchi E

Today’s guest is Dr. Oluchi Emmanuel a believer, wife, and mother who specializes in preventative health. She shares her passion for women’s health and her pregnancy experiences.

1) A Brief bio about yourself. Your name, what you do etc.

Dr. Oluchi Immanuel is a board-certified Internal Medicine physician, consultant, best selling author, and entrepreneur with a special focus on preventive health and obesity medicine. She attended Iowa State University where she completed her degree in Biology with a minor in Sociology. She then attended medical school at The University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston (McGovern Medical School). After medical school, Dr. Oluchi stayed at McGovern Medical School to complete her residency program in Internal Medicine. Upon graduating, she began working at an Executive Health & Wellness Clinic. During Dr. Oluchi’s time at the clinic, she saw and coached more than a thousand patients in preventive health and wellness practices. Dr. Oluchi is the founder of Fidem Wellness, LLC, a faith-based wellness company that provides innovative ways, including one-on-one health coaching, to inspire wellness in women of all stages of life. Dr. Oluchi believes that women who begin implementing small lifestyle changes will experience an overall better quality of life, and prevent diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. Dr. Oluchi can be found on social media, under the handle DrOluchiMD, where she shares health tips and inspiring messages. Although work keeps her busy, her most important and fulfilling jobs are being a wife and a mother to her amazing husband and wonderful children (4-year-old and 2-year-old).

2) How and when did you get into fitness?

I have always loved fitness! I have two brothers, so we spent our younger years chasing each other around. I actually set a District standing long jump record in Elementary school and then began running track and playing basketball in middle school. In high school, as a freshman, I became one of the starting five on the Varsity basketball team. I also earned my position in track as the anchor leg on the 4×1, 4×2 and 4×4 relay teams.

3) What is your favorite type of exercise?

My favorite type of exercise would be dance classes. However, since those are difficult to fit into my schedule, I also enjoy jogging.

4) How did pregnancy change/affect your fitness regime in each trimester?

Throughout my pregnancies, my goal has always been to remain as physically active as possible. In the first trimester, and through part of the second, I could run easily. As the pregnancy progressed, it became more difficult to run so I focused more on strength training and power walking.

5) In what ways did/has being physically active helped you through pregnancy?

Being physically active helped me tremendously through my pregnancies. I felt more energized, did not gain an excessive amount of weight and the recovery after the delivery was much easier. Also, exercising releases chemical called endorphins which make you feel happy. So staying physically fit can also improve your mood.

6) What fitness advice would you give to someone who is pregnant or planning to get pregnant?

I always tell my clients that pregnancy is an endurance test and delivery is the final challenge. The more you push yourself to get fit prior to getting pregnant, and to stay fit while you are pregnant, the better you will do on the final challenge. Pregnancy puts a significant amount of stress on your body. Unless your doctor has specifically told you not to exercise, everyone should be exercising daily!