#MyMarchMaddness Wrap-Up

March has come to end and so has #MyMarchMaddness. I have really enjoyed sharing with you and really do hope that you have enjoyed all the blog posts, instagram posts (@bethelfitmum) and facebook posts (Bethel Fitness).
I thought I would wrap things up by doing a feature on myself and sharing about what Fitness means to me ???

Mosope Idowu aka Bethel Fit Mum
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Q: What does FITNESS mean to you?
A: Fitness to me means making (and sustaining) a healthy lifestyle change in order to improve my physical and emotional well-being, through healthy eating and exercise. It is about keeping my physical energy up so that I can keep up with the many demands of life i.e. playing with my kids, taking care of my home etc. It serves as an outlet to relieve stress and has helped me so much on an emotional level! It’s not something I want to just do for a while but something I plan to do for the rest of my life and I aim to inspire YOU to do the same!

Q: When did you begin living a healthier lifestyle and what inspired you to do so?
A: I have always been interested in fitness – from running track and swimming in elementary and middle school, to playing netball and field hockey in high school, to settling into a fairly regular running routine in my younger adult years and getting a personal trainer and being pretty regular at the gym over the years. But even though I did all these things I wasn’t very consistent, was never really conscious of what I ate and it definitely was not a lifestyle…more like an interest. What eventually inspired me to make a complete lifestyle change was that I had 2 fairly unhealthy pregnancies – I did not eat well and remain active – which resulted in huge weight gains of over 30lbs EACH TIME! After I had my second child I decided that it was time to take my health and fitness A LOT more seriously. I didn’t want to be the mother that was not able to have fun and play with my kids because I was too tired. I didn’t want to be the wife that wasn’t happy to go out and socialize because I could never find anything flattering to wear. I didn’t want to lose my confidence because I was unhappy and uncomfortable in my body. So I SET MY MIND ON THE GOAL and GOT TO WORK!

Q:What is your biggest struggle/constraint (if any) to maintaining a healthy lifestyle?
A: As a wife and a mother to 2 small kids with a full time job, TIME is my biggest constraint. It affects everything –time to work out, time to meal prep, time to clean and do other chores and duties, and time for ME. It’s a constant struggle!

Q: What is your favorite type of exercise?
A:I love compound exercises that combine cardio with light (or body) weights. I usually don’t have a lot of time to work out so I like to be able to get a really good full body workout within a short period of time – maximum calorie burn, muscle strengthen/toning and building endurance all at the same time!

Q: One piece of advice you’d offer to someone that’s feeling discouraged on their fitness journey?
A:  I started Bethel Fit Mum/ Bethel Fitness as a platform to encourage and help other mothers and women like myself who feel overwhelmed with all the demands of life and don’t think that it is possible to live a fit and healthy lifestyle. The best piece of advice I can give is to conscript the help and support of those closest to you. Tell them why it is important to you, how they can help you, and invite them to journey alongside you and keep you accountable on the lifestyle change.

Q: What body part (if any) would you change?
A: Even though I am a lot happier with how my body looks now, I honestly wish I in have all this excess skin in my belly area – but then I look at the two beautiful babies that I grew in there and I am certain that I would do it all over again for the same results 😀