The #MyMarchMaddness Inspire Series – Didi Amajor

This is the final post on the #MyMarchMaddness Inspire Series.  I really do hope that you have enjoyed the features and are as inspired by all these AMAZING ladies as I am!

As that popular poem goes “People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.”
The lady I’m featuring today definitely fits into all three of these categories for me!
Although we have never “met”, Didi has been a major source of inspiration, encouragement and support to me on my fitness journey, and I have learned so many valuable life and fitness lessons from her.
Didi pioneered the #3to30 Fitness Movement which took various women from different walks of life and united them in a cause for healthy and active living. I am so fortunate to have been a part of this initiative out of which a sisterhood was formed and so many dreams were born.
I could go on and on about this lady, but I’ll let you hear all about her inspiring fitness journey from Coach Rexie herself!
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Didi Amajor aka Coach Rexie

Q:What does FITNESS mean to you?
A: Hmm. What does FITNESS mean to me? Fitness means waking up at 5am and spending approximately 86 seconds wondering if hitting the gym for an interval run is really necessary. Fitness means cursing myself for climbing stairs and for eating that extra serving of rice. Fitness means forming, strengthening and developing meaningful relationships. Fitness means getting excited when a friend tells you he or she needs some help with a workout. Fitness means creating a safe haven/platform (#3to30, my fitness group) for over 30 women to share their goals, struggles and success as relates to not just fitness but other aspects of life. Fitness means taking time out of your grueling schedule to record a video or research the benefits of including green foods in one’s diet, knowing that it may impact someone’s life at the right time. Fitness means getting on a rollercoaster and knowing you’ll love and hate it…at the same darn time!

Q: When did you begin living a healthier lifestyle and what inspired you to do so?
A: In April of 2009, after many failed diets/tries (one of them being the infamous Beyoncé diet of cayenne pepper, maple syrup and, was it lemon? I forget), my cousin suggested we lose some weight in preparation for an upcoming girls trip in May. I accepted the challenge, and got straight to work – and this time I knew I would not survive if I tried one of the quick-fix methods or shortcuts. I was 12lbs lighter by the girls trip, and I haven’t looked back since then.

Q:What is your biggest struggle/constraint (if any) to maintaining a healthy lifestyle?
A: I’d say time, and my proclivity for eating/overeating (lol). With regards to time, I’m not referring to the general “I don’t have time” excuse (which I do not subscribe to, bleh). I simply mean that often times, I wish I could spend more time working on things I need to improve fitness/health-wise. Unfortunately, there are only 24 hours in one day (although many have said my days have 28 hours), hence the constraint. As far as overeating goes, I’m a GENUINE food lover (this isn’t about gluttony but actually appreciating the many interesting and creative meals one can concoct using just a few ingredients). Or maybe this is about me being a little (or a lot) greedy? Who knows man, who knows?

Q: What is your favorite type of exercise?
A: That’s a tough call – I like so many! However, at this point in my fit-life, I’m loving body weight exercises like push-ups and pull ups. I also LOVE weighted squats and deadlifts. And jumping. Yes, jumping for sure – jumping jacks, jump lunges, jump squats, burpees etc. What I’m trying to say is, I generally like any exercise that feels like death.

Q: One piece of advice you’d offer to someone that’s feeling discouraged on their fitness journey.
A: You’re going to stumble and it’s going to suck sometimes. You may even cry, throw tantrums or give up on your 20th “Day 3”. It is OKAY. You are more than your failures or your scale number. What matters is, you learn from the mistakes or slip ups, and you wake up every day with one thing in mind – make the right choices and be the best version of yourself possible. It won’t ALWAYS go as planned but hey, if you shoot for the moon, and fail, at least you’d still be among the stars, right? Lastly, (and I know you said ONE piece of advice but I’m a little loquacious) surround yourself with people who not only inspire, motivate and push you in the right direction, but hold you accountable.

Q: What body part (if any) would you change?
A: Is this a trick question? It kind of feels like my response should be, “Nothing! My body is perfect!” Okay well, since we are talking TRUTH here, I’d say my lower back needs to house juuuuust a little less fat, and my upper mid-section need not protrude as much. Oh, there’s also another area which for PG reasons, I will not mention. Let’s just say, I was unduly robbed by the fat loss gods and Mother Nature but I still do believe that I was wonderfully made by my Maker!