Benefits of Wearing A Good Sports Bra

Hello Ladies and welcome to another edition of HELP For Mums.

As mothers one area of our bodies that gives us much concern, especially during our child bearing years, yet we have the so little information about, is our boobs.
In this special guest blog post, Toyin Shogaolu Founder of Trinitee Lingerie sheds some light on the importance of wearing a good sports bra. Toyin holds a BA (hons) degree in Business Administration and a Master’s degree in Management. She currently works in Project Management within the financial services industry, but her passion is educating women about bras and thereby helping them feel good from the inside out and show forth Gods image.

A bit about my story…When I started wearing a bra as a young lady, my mum always got me a 36DD, it wasn’t until I came to the UK many years later that I found out I had been wearing the wrong size all along! You can imagine my shock!

When I decided to start exercising, I went to a regular sports store to purchase a sports bra, but it didn’t support me the way I needed it to. I realized that I would have to do some research to find out what would work best for me as I am quite busty. I did my research and ended up purchasing a sports bra from a store which catered to big busted ladies. I was overjoyed to find the perfect bra which allowed me to exercise without my boobies flying around and making me feel uncomfortable :D.

Survey shows that more than 3/4 of women wear the wrong type of bra for exercising.
Everyone wants to have the latest and chicest fitness apparel and shoes, but many neglect the sports bra which could just well be the most important piece of clothing for a woman when exercising. Whether you are big busted or small busted, weather you are running or weight training, or even doing yoga, it is important for you to ensure that you wear a good sports bra.

The 3 Major Benefits of Wearing a Good Sports Bra
1. A good sports bra helps minimize movement and bounce during exercise – whether you’re running, doing a HIIT workout or playing sports. Running without a bra causes the average woman’s breasts to move up and down by 85 per cent. Wearing a regular bra or sports bra reduces this by 32 per cent. A good sports bra reduces this by at least another 20 per cent.

2. A good sports bra helps maintain breast shape. Exercising with a bra that doesn’t support the breast properly may cause discomfort and pain, as well as stretched skin and ligaments, which could eventually lead to the boobs drooping and breasts being saggy. A good sports bra would support you and keep this from happening to your breasts prematurely.

3. A good sports bra helps you stay comfortable while exercising as it helps regulate sweat and temperature controls. Good sports bras are made from cotton blends which help you stay cool so that you don’t get hot and too sweaty – which could cause discomfort. Good sports bras also help minimize sweat stains which is a huge thumbs-up 👍👍👍

You may think that investing in a good sports bra is expensive but I believe that it is a very worthwhile investment if you want to reap the above mentioned benefits and enjoy your workouts.

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